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Grill Party

Garden party in the most beautiful garden of the city under the hundred-years old plane trees in the City Park.

From spring to autumn you and your guests can enjoy the smell of freshly grilled dishes with a glass of cold rose wine or light red wine and background music. Invite your friends to an unforgettable and elegant grill party to the newly renovated Garden of Gundel Restaurant, where we prowide you a special summer athmosphere from 50 up to 500 persons.

Grill menu offers

Grill menu I

Crispy appetizing
Home-made grilled french bread with garlic- and parsley-seasoned butter

Cold soup
Cucumber soup with yoghurt and dill

Freshly baked
Catfish paprikash bits with fresh letscho
Ginger and honey-scented grilled chicken drumstick filet
Tender chop of pork baked with orange
Turkeybreast medallions with zucchini, onion and eggplant
Tender grilled sirloin with home-made onion marmalade

Garnishes and salads
Potato baked in foil with chive-enriched sourcreme; potato cubes with rosemary
Marinated paprika salad
Orange salad with spinach
Fusili salad with basil, tomato, olives, pine nuts, parmesan
Mayonnaise potato salad
Grilled vegetables: mushroom, onion, zucchini, eggplant, paprika

In Szamorodni wine soaked melon with vanilla icecream
Home-made strudel selection
Peach stuffed with walnut-enriched mascarpone
Traditonal crêpe a la Gundel


Grill menu II

Crispy appetizing
Garlic-enriched grilled ciabatta
with home-made egg plant creme and black olive cream

Cold soup
Roasted bell pepper cream soup

Freshly baked
Catfish medallions grilled with zucchini and mushroom
Thyme-seasoned breast of pullet on skewer rolled in bacon
BBQ loin of pork
Chop of pork marinated in sgae-scented white wine sauce
„Seffalia” (minced lamb and beef stuffed with feta cheese)

Garnishes and salads
Potato baked in foil with toasted bacon and chive-enriched sourcreme
Ceasar salad with marinated tuna
„Sopszka” – Bulgarian salad (tomato, cucumber, onion, ewe cheese)
Waldorf salad with peach
Italian mozzarella salad with tomato and spinach
Grilled vegetables: mushroom, onion, zucchini, eggplant, paprika

Grilled fruit skewers with ice cream
Pancake filled with cottage cheese and sweet sour cream
Grilled pineapple with vanilla ice cream
Home-made fruit pies with cinamon sauce



Grill menu III

Crispy appetizing
Grilled bruschetta with tomato tartare, spicy butter and tapenade
Feta cheese rolled in bacon

Cold soup
Tokaji wine-scented melon soup
Andalucian gazpacho

Freshly baked
Grilled pike-perch and salmon filet skewer
Scampi grilled in gralic-scented white wine
Teriyaki chicken wings with five onion-soy dip
Spicy turkey, apple and sausage skewer with garlic chili sauce
„Csevapcsicsa” – meatballs on skewer from beef, pork and lamb
Rosemary-scented rib of lamb with balsamic vinegar mint
In whiskey-aged tenderloin of beef with green pepper sauce

Garnishes and salads
Potato baked in foil with toasted bacon and chive-enriched sourcreme
Endive and radicchio with sweet and sour sauce
Grilled onion plate (garlic, shallot, green onion, red onion, purple onion)
Grilled vegetables: mushroom, onion, zucchini, eggplant, paprika
Mango and wild rice salad with celery with toasted almond and hazelnut oil
Summer potato salad with pickled cucumber, tomato-paprika and eggs

Home-made icecreams in cone
Grilled banana with chocolate sauce
Grilled pear stuffed with cognac-soaked raisin and vanilla ice cream
Flaming strawberry with cottage cheese mouse on pastry shell