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About us

Gundel Restaurant became a symbol of quality, elegance and unique cuisine during the past 120 years. Creating the traditional and unique Gundel experience we offer a colorful world of events for every taste.

We combine a harmony of traditions and renewal with professional experience of providing outstanding catering service and unforgettable memories to our guests.
We decorate the premises, compose the menu and arrange a special atmosphere – would it be a banquet with hundreds of participants or a small family event, your guests will enjoy the world famous Gundel cuisine, professional service and traditionally warm hospitality.

At the times when the Gundels operated the Restaurant, the family used to live on the second-floor of the building. The smaller banquet rooms quote the memory of their home and the spirit of the 20thcentury. Our two fancy ballrooms and seven smaller banquet rooms are splendid venues for business breakfasts, intimate family get-togethers, lavish weddings, gala dinners and many other events. From spring to fall our guests can enjoy the atmosphere of our enchanting garden, too. A wide range of audio/visual equipment is available at your request.

The prestigious Gundel Events turn weekdays into feasts and feasts into unforgettable memories in the banquet rooms of the Gundel Palace at an outside location of your choice.


The Team


These days 120 skilled people work at the banquet events and in the restaurant of the Gundel. They are committed to serve you to your utmost contentment in line with the principles of the late Károly Gundel. Their dedication resulted in a number of revisiting guests and the reputation of the Gundel House is continuously increasing for more than a century, all over the world.
Executive Chef Zsolt Litauszki tunes the menu finely with the best care that is completed by his skilful sous-chefs and kitchen staff. The Hungarian Award-winning Sommelier Mihály Fabók pairs the best wines from Hungary and from other countries with each fabulous meal.

Mihály Fabók – Head Sommelier

Mihály Fabók obtained his professional skills and experiences abroad before he arrived to the Gundel House. He travelled along many exciting places from Berlin to Tokyo, working on Scandinavian ferries and American luxury cruisers.
He had been to almost all important wine-growing regions in the world to learn as much as possible about viniculture and gastronomy.
Supported by his mentor, Kálmán Kozma, the President of the Hungarian Sommelier Association, Mihály Fabók became a truly excellent professional in the Gundel Restaurant. By winning the sommelier championship in three consecutive years he became a life-long sommelier champion.
He represents Hungary and the Hungarian sommelier community in European and world championships. He is also a certified sommelier of the International Sommelier Guild and a member of the Hungarian Sommelier Association.

Mihály Fabók is inspired by the inseparable and complementary elements of wine and gastronomy. By constantly improving his professional skills and knowledge he greatly contributes to the quality and elegance of the Gundel Restaurant.

Emil Zombory – Banquet Operation Director

Undoubtedly Mr. Zombory is the most experienced event organizer in Hungary. During the past 25 years a few thousand protocol events and sophisticated functions, banquets and gala dinners had perfectly been completed under his leadership.
He climbed up the professional ladder in leading hotels of Budapest and joined the Gundel in the end of the 80’s. He became Banquet Operation Manager 15 years ago. Since that time he and his dedicated team served almost all visiting heads of states and Royal guests (Queen Elisabeth II, King Juan Carlos, Beatrix of the Netherlands, Pope John Paul II, Georg H.W. Bush, Vladimir Putin). He also managed caterings for thousand-member parties and gala banquets (L’Oreal, Siemens, Renault, K&H Bank, Erste Bank, Microsoft etc.) and for ten times the gala dinner of the famous Opera Ball.